National Data Service

Access a one-stop source of thousands of UK national statistics for your area provided as data-as-a-service

Managing and keeping a data store up to date involves a vast amount of expertise and labour. The InstantAtlas team remove this burden by providing a National Data Service with up to date, publicly available data. Data are sourced from major providers including NOMIS, ONS, MHCLG, Police UK, and Public Health England for your organisation’s area of interest and stored on ArcGIS Online as a set of feature services.

Data for standard and custom geographies

Data are currently provided at the following standard geographies:

  •  Region and Country
  •  Local Authority (top and second tier)
  •  Districts
  •  Wards
  •  Middle super output areas
  •  Lower super output areas

If you want to display data for geographies that UK national statistics are not published for, we can aggregate data held in the National Data Service to these custom geographies if supplied with a simple lookup file.

The data can be consumed either within a managed data observatory for your area of interest. Alternatively, you can choose to use the National Data Service within ArcGIS Online and Report Builder to build your own reports and perform your own analysis. Some examples of analysis that could be done using this data are highlighted in the following Story Map applications:

Story Map

A Geographical Insight into Health Inequality

View the Story Map

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