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As an Esri UK Partner, LANDCLAN harnesses the advanced technology of ArcGIS to enable users to index, analyse, score and report on every land parcel in the world. In turn, it combines land and property data into a single, simple package for use from any site or office.

Asset Management & Property Development Evaluation made easy

LANDClan is a cloud-based software platform that acts as your digital land and property partner by enabling developers to easily find and evaluate potential land parcels for development. It also makes it easy for anyone with a property portfolio to operate an Active Asset Management Strategy, regardless of the scale of the assets.

Operate an Active Asset Management Strategy

LANDCLAN provides complete visibility, analysis and control of multiple property assets on a single dashboard. This enables you to easily view the condition and projected costs for every aspect of every property on your stock list, based on current survey data. So you can decide whether to invest, divest or regenerate based on clear and accurate information - enabling you to minimise cost and maximise return on investment.

Make data driven decisions

LANDCLAN enables you to perform nationwide searches for development opportunities at a land parcel level. You can set your own search criteria, by executing a map-based search by location, property registration number, or by simply drawing a search area on a map. Each land parcel is given an easy to understand score based on your preferences. To help you compare multiple land parcels on a like-for-like basis, it can also provide comparative analysis of similar land parcels that have already been re-developed.

Survey assets from anywhere

LANDCLAN supports active stock condition reporting, even before you get to site. Internal and external survey modules are provided, with a housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS) that you can view online and on mobile devices. This provides reporting and analysis to identify potential hazards from deficiencies, presented in a clear and actionable format based on your own housing policies.  Every detail of every property is revealed at its geocoded location, enabling you to see its open market value, potential GDV and residual values; minimising cost and giving you the best investment action easy to see.

Keep up with demand

Quickly and accurately understand the current condition and future costs of your assets - in order to optimise maintenance programmes and inform disposal, investment and regeneration programmes. LANDCLAN can enable you to cost effectively maximise usage of existing land whilst significantly reducing the time and cost of evaluating schemes and projects; enabling you to most effectively meet housing demand with existing land or new developments.

Integrated with ArcGIS

LANDCLAN is a stand-alone cloud-based software platform that can import any geospatial data to jumpstart the digital transformation of your organisation. Connect LANDCLAN to ArcGIS to give you absolute power over land and property by making the data you need easy to manage, visualise and act upon.

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