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LocatorHub allows you to load definitive sources of address data or your own address data to build locators for use across the ArcGIS Platform and for integration with your own business systems. LocatorHub provides a central database for all your location data so that your business has a single view of where your customers and assets are located.  

How it works

Load your data

Choose to load definitive data sources eg AddressBase, Local Land and Property Gazetteer, One Scotland Gazetteer or your own location information

Publish Locator Services

Publish your locators as ArcGIS compatible REST services

Use your locators

Use your locators across the ArcGIS Platform or integrate them into your own applications using the APIs

Authoritative address information

Support for Ordnance Survey AddressBase, AddressBase Plus and AddressBase Premium, LLPG, One Scotland Gazetteer and OSNI Pointer

Address searching

LocatorHub supports complex address searching including fuzzy matching and allowing you to search multiple address sources through merge and cascade features.

Helping you to have confidence you have found the correct location to support your workflow

Adding location to your data

LocatorHub allows you to add x & y coordinates to your datasets by geocoding. Once your data has a spatial dimension you can use the full power of the ArcGIS platform to explore your data

Reverse geocoding

LocatorHub allows you to find addresses or locations nearest to your assets eg street furniture