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Part of the Esri Geospatial Cloud, ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud enables innovative professionals to access and design with data-driven maps inside Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Quickly find and add geographic content to your work as editable vector layers and high resolution images.

Make every place a creative space

Add your own creative vision to the world’s most powerful maps. Tell your story in a unique way using data on thousands of topics. Reimagine mapping.

woman using arcgis maps for adobe creative cloud

Your brand, your story

Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud allows user to get the most out of their maps, not just for internal decision making, but for external communication as well.

How it works


Design simply and efficiently

Creatively enhance your map-based projects by pulling in geographic data to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator without ever having to leave the application.


Exceed expectations

Tracing maps to highlight specific points of interest is a thing of the past. With ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud, you save yourself time and energy while eliminating the margin of error.


Tell stories with greater impact

Import your data and—within seconds—begin designing a visually appealing story that enhances your company's branding.    


Engineering Firm Designs Future Projects

Moffatt & Nichol use ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud to produce detailed, layered graphics in a fraction of the time.

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ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud Plans

Create an exciting narrative through a unique visual design by pulling maps layers as vector files, or image artwork into Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Access and use the extension based on your functional needs and budget.

  • Complimentary : access is free, with no timeout limits on a single machine to public maps and layers hosted in ArcGIS Online.
  • Plus : commercial grade access at a low month-to-month cost to premium maps and layers in ArcGIS Online and advanced features within the extension.
  • ArcGIS Online Creator user type : access to all the advanced features within the extension and the ArcGIS platform of apps and services. This allows for the private sharing of items within your organisation.

Time-Saving Cartography Tools in ArcGIS Maps for Adobe

Join Esri cartographers Sarah Bell and Anna Breton to learn how you can use ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud 2.0 to export your ArcGIS Pro projects into Adobe Illustrator. 

In this webinar, Sarah and Anna will be mapping live in both ArcGIS Maps for Adobe and ArcGIS Pro to show the new time-saving cartography tools and features in ArcGIS Maps for Adobe. Join them in their adventure in cartography and map design, and learn tips that will save you time when designing maps. 

Webinar takeaways

  • Ease into ArcGIS Maps for Adobe
  • Learn how to create and export maps from ArcGIS Pro to Adobe Illustrator 
  • Work quickly and effectively to make maps production-ready 

Get started with ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud


Depending on your Operating System, select the proper download file

Need the extension for a team?

Looking to provide your team with ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud? Submit a request and a member of our team will connect with you