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Report Builder for ArcGIS

Report Builder for ArcGIS

Produce compelling reports for data in ArcGIS Online without having to write code

Producing reports using the out-of-the box tools available in ArcGIS Online is difficult without putting in a lot of time writing your own code.

Report Builder for ArcGIS solves this problem by providing a design environment for producing virtually any type of report in your browser, from simple one-page factsheets to complex, multi-page area profiles.

Use templating to save time

You pick a web map and start creating your report design. As you build, you see the report automatically populated with data for each of your features or areas. When it is ready to go you simply press save and then paste the link into a web page.


report builder

Versatile design environment

Report Builder for ArcGIS offers a range of widgets, from simple text, tables and infographics through to advanced charts such as radar or bubble plots, so that you can create the right report for your data and audience

Connections to different data sources

Use the reports to present your own data that you publish with ArcGIS Online or Enterprise by connecting to one or more sources including CSV, tables or feature layers. Report Builder can connect to the National Data Service, allowing you to access thousands of open statistical indicators for use in your reports.

Add commentary with dynamic text

Substitution variables allow you to display dynamic text, such as the name of the selected feature or the data value for a specific indicator for a particular year. Text rules enable simple arithmetic tests against the data at run time to decide what text to show in the report.

Use spatial or related records queries

A report can display information that doesn’t belong to the selected feature but is related to it in ArcGIS. This capability can be used to compare the selected feature with other features in the same dataset, or to show data for features from a separate data source that fall within a 1km radius for example.

Report Builder for ArcGIS demo

Watch a short video demo for Report Builder for ArcGIS.