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Sweet for ArcGIS is a pioneering web editing solution that puts real time feedback and insight at the forefront of data input, exploration and editing. Leveraging topology, attribute calculation and the ArcGIS Platform Sweet for ArcGIS is a configurable web application that facilitates smarter and better-informed decision making, whilst ensuring consistency in the quality of data.

What can Sweet for ArcGIS do

Remove errors in data capture and editing

Sweet For ArcGIS ensures data is always correct and eliminates quality and assurance processes. Whether you need to maintain topology for land management or edit your road network data, Sweet for ArcGIS has an extensive library of rules that can be used in a variety of combinations to maintain your data’s integrity.

Dynamic feedback

Allowing a user to immediately see the impact of their edits to facilitate faster and smarter decisions. Whether this is costings for a housing development being displayed on the map or bar charts depicting soil types in an ecological survey, users will see their performance indicators change as they interact and edit their data.

Increase productivity

All the tools in Sweet for ArcGIS understand your business rules and work with users as they edit the data to provide a smarter user experience. Sweet for ArcGIS calculates field values, clips data and automates other repetitive tasks to improve user’s efficiency and save time.

In the office and in the field

Sweet for ArcGIS can be used in a browser environment. It is also available as a standalone application with the capability of taking your application offline and into the field.

Share and collaborate

Sweet for ArcGIS’ locking system allows multiple users to access the same application whether in the office or in the field whilst maintaining data integrity


Customer Story

Revolutionising data capture

See the benefits Ordnance Survey are seeing using Sweet for ArcGIS as their tool for capturing and editing location based data.

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