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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a named user to access Sweet for ArcGIS?

A Level 2 named user and a Sweet for ArcGIS licence is required to access Sweet for ArcGIS. This named user could be from ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.  

Does Sweet for ArcGIS work with ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise?

Sweet for ArcGIS can be used through ArcGIS Online or deployed on premise with ArcGIS Enterprise.

Does Sweet for ArcGIS allow you to snap or trace to features?

Sweet for ArcGIS can snap and trace to features within a feature service. This could be from the same feature service, or even from a publicly available feature service being served by a different organisation. 

Can Sweet for ArcGIS leverage the GPS built into a mobile device?


How does multi-user locking work when someone wants to take Sweet for ArcGIS into the field?

Editors can take Sweet for ArcGIS into the field without an internet connection. To do so, the editor would check out an area on their device. This area would then be unavailable to take offline for other users. If people in the office were accessing the same application in a connected environment, then this area would be checked out to those users too. 

Does Sweet for ArcGIS do versioning?

Sweet for ArcGIS works with the published layers, referenced in the Web Map, you can publish different versions and Sweet for ArcGIS will use the version the service is in.

You can achieve versioning workflows by using our trigger mechanism which can create a log of changes the user makes, allowing you to keep an audit trail.

What is planned for Sweet for ArcGIS?

Within the next few months we have lots of exciting developments including delivering a new app builder which will improve the process of building Sweet for ArcGIS applications. Other developments include creating new feedback options for on the map feedback and improving attribute editing.

Are there any demos or further information available?

We have a recorded webinar available on our website which introduces Sweet for ArcGIS and highlights some applicable workflows. We will also be making blog articles and additional webinars available in the next coming months.

How do I get access to Sweet for ArcGIS?

If you would like a trial, create a prototype or get access to Sweet for ArcGIS please contact your Customer Success Manager, Sales Manager or email