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The UK Data Loader is an ArcGIS Pro Toolbox which utilises the power of the Data Interoperability Extension to quickly and easily convert your Ordnance Survey data in a form where it can be used for mapping, visualisation and analysis.

How it works

Load your data

Using the simple interface, select the location of your data and where you wish it to be loaded

Process your data

For OS Highways create a routable network dataset for use in network analysis

Use your data

Use the ArcGIS Platform to unlock the potential of your data
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Access your premium OS Datasets

Designed to work with Ordnance Survey MasterMap® data layers, the UK Data Loader tools make it easier than ever for ArcGIS users to leverage the power of these highly accurate datasets.

Access the potential of the data

Build Network datasets from the OS MasterMap® Highways data to allow you to allow you to make better decisions.