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UK Local Government Solution for ArcGIS

The UK Local Government Solution for ArcGIS is a collection of web based mapping applications and content built on ArcGIS. 

The solution allows Local Government organisations to share geographic information across departments and with their citizens.

The solution consists of:

    • An ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS[1] organisational plan which provides
      • A content, user, and application management system
      • Out of the box Applications including:
    • ArcGIS for Server to enable you to store you data securely on premise and publish services for use by your organisation and public facing web maps.
    • LocatorHub – Esri UK’s address management system is included so that you can manage and publish your LLPG (Local Land and Property Gazetteer) across the organisation.


    In addition the system can be augmented with applications, some of which are free, that can be downloaded from the Esri Marketplace including:

    • Markr – to allow you to watermark your basemaps


    Content is also available through ArcGIS online:

    • ArcGIS Content – ready to use maps and services
    • Esri UK Online Content – map and gazetteer services for Ordnance Survey data that can be streamed directly into your applications


    Developer Tools optionally allow you to customise or extend the out of the box functionality and to embed components directly into your web site. For example:


    Implementation Services:

      • Launch Kits – services from Esri UK to help you get up and running with your new solution.  These are available “pick and mix” so you can put together a programme that meets your needs and experience.


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