Extend your Utility Network with Utility Network Editor, a lightweight web app with smart editing. Designed for all utility professionals to view, edit, and manage the real-time digital twin of any high fidelity electrical, water, or gas network anywhere at any time. 

Easy editing for all

Safely view, edit and manage any electrical, water, or gas network without needing specialist GIS knowledge or extensive training.

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Extend your Utility Network

Network Connectivity

Network connectivity with every edit

Work with a network that is always valid and ready to use. Network rules are understood, ensuring all edits are validated at the point of entry while significantly reducing time-consuming data cleansing processes.

Available to everyone

Intuitive experience

Easy-to-use editing and exploration tools for all utility professionals to safely manage their high-fidelity network without needing specialist GIS knowledge.

Find your affected customers

Find, trace, inform

Inform customers affected by an outage or fault in real-time by running a trace in the web-browser from anywhere.

Work Anywhere

In the office or out in the field

Design, enhance, and edit the network in the office or out in the field against real-world assets. The flexible browser environment provides full functionality across desktop computers and tablets (Android, iOS, and Windows).

Integrate with your business

Enhance the way you work

Integrate business systems and reduce complex workflows by leveraging ArcGIS and partner data directly in the web-browser.



Discover how you can interact, edit and trace a distributed electric network.

Integrated with ArcGIS

Utility Network Editor fully integrates with ArcGIS and connects to all your ArcGIS data as well as data from other sources.

ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro, the next generation desktop GIS technology, powers your everyday work with the utility network service. Visualise, analyse, and edit your network, and more.

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ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise

Extend your utility network management solution with ArcGIS Enterprise, the industry-leading geospatial platform.

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