Maps+ brings you key map and feature services for use across ArcGIS, freeing you from data processing and allowing you to spend your time on data analysis to bring insight and value to your organisation.

Create a foundation with Maps+

Maps+ is data-as-a-service from Esri UK, created using best available data sources, and made available via the Esri Marketplace.  The collection includes high-performance base maps and feature services that enhance and extend the capabilities offered by the Ordnance Survey APIs. Whether you are looking at local issues or looking for national trends apply Maps+ to your visualisation and analysis workflows to go further and maximise context, information, and insights.

Laptop displaying basemap with land and water

Streamline your workflow

Maps+ provides ready-to-use services for use across the ArcGIS system. Allow Esri UK to take on the task of processing and publishing the datasets, giving you more time to spend on analysis and bringing value to your organisation. Share the services to your whole organisation, allowing more users to access authoritative data to use in their workflows.

Computer monitor showing satellite imagery

Data sources



Vector basemaps

Cartographically styled at all scales • Additional styles available • Fully customisable with basemap editor

What is included?

Maps+ includes a range of basemaps and feature services to provide a foundation to your work and allow you to go further with your analysis. Any additional services we add (covered by the PSGA licence) will be available to you at no additional cost.