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Strengthen Business Continuity & Remote Working

Share maps with anyone, anywhere

Mitigate business risks and work remotely with ready-to-deploy maps, data, and apps

Organisations around the world are facing growing challenges associated with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis, which has impacted nearly every facet of business. To thrive in this new normal, companies like yours require the ability for your staff to safely and productively work remotely, both from home and in the field. ArcGIS Online offers your staff the functionality they need to monitor, manage, and communicate mapping and analysis projects to internal and external stakeholders.

Remote Working

Access Esri Technology while Working from Home

Many employees will be used to working with ArcGIS from their office. We now find ourselves in a situation where we are adapting to working from home and need to maintain access to the ArcGIS suite of products. To assist with transitioning to remote working, this video answers some frequently asked questions that users have when setting up access to ArcGIS from home. If you or your staff are experiencing difficulties accessing or using your ArcGIS licences remotely please <a href="#contact-us">contact us</a> to discuss how we can help.

Keep key workers safe with ArcGIS Tracker

Keep track of the location of key workers, staff, and volunteers who are working out in the field during the pandemic. ArcGIS Tracker is a mobile solution that enables organisations to monitor where their workforce are and analyse where they have been. Tracker enables you to locate your nearest field workers quickly and easily when a fast response is necessary and more effectively manage your team remotely.

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Share your maps with stakeholders

With staff working from home during the pandemic and stakeholders therefore remote from one another, effective sharing and collaboration is essential like never before. With ArcGIS Online you can share with key stakeholders through a variety of ready-to-use apps or include your maps in dashboards for a real-time view of people, assets, and events. You can also use maps to collaborate with your colleagues to solve problems. Your maps, data and apps will be readily accessible when shared securely within your organisation. In addition, if you need to share publicly, you can do so through a variety of channels including embedding a map in your website, social media post or blog.

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Deploy the Coronavirus Business Continuity Solution

Quickly gain insights into how employees, facilities, assets, partners, and customers are affected by the spread of the virus, even as conditions change. Esri's business continuity solution includes maps and apps that can be implemented with ArcGIS to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on an organisation. Deploy these templates to access prebuilt applications and dashboards to assess facilities' operating capacity, monitor the availability of employees, and quickly share authoritative information with key stakeholders - in real time across all channels.

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    April 7, 2020

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