We are supporting our new users with location intelligence to monitor, manage, and communicate the impact of COVID-19. Use and share our guidance on how to set-up ArcGIS Online, how to use our mapping and business intelligence software with tutorials from Esri experts, and how to share maps, insights, and visualisations with ArcGIS Hub. 

How to set-up ArcGIS Online

Follow these three simple steps to get started with ArcGIS Online, our cloud-based GIS mapping software.

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How to make a map

Learn how to easily create and share informative maps, using your own data or a wealth of ready-to-use authoritative content within ArcGIS Online. 

Read our blog to learn how to:

  • Make a map
  • Add in data
  • Share a map

For even more, try the ArcGIS Online Fundamentals learning plan.

Businesses rely on the locational insights they derive with Esri technology to avoid costly mistakes.

Learn new skills

If you're new and want to get started quickly, try our short lessons or a more in-depth learning plan on a range of ArcGIS products.

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How to share a map

Learn how to share and communicate important datasets, maps, findings, or guidance using ArcGIS Hub.

Read our blog to learn:

  • What is ArcGIS Hub
  • How to configure ArcGIS Hub
  • How to share content to ArcGIS Hub

Learn how to share and embed maps if you already have a website.