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Where sustainability meets prosperity

Now more than ever, a heightened geospatial awareness of our place in the world is driving us to rebuild and strengthen our relationship with our planet and each other. Esri UK's vision that humanity and nature can not only coexist but thrive is rooted in knowing that a mutually beneficial relationship starts with respect and deep understanding. Leaders, answering an urgent call to better understand and respect all stakeholders, are using geospatial technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to rethink where and how to solve important problems, grasp the broader context of our actions, and create a more resilient and promising future.


Rebuilding Our Sense of Place

Geography is reemerging as the critical aspect for decision-making.

See the world in a new dimension

Geospatial thinking - understanding the multidimensional context of our decisions and rethinking where our actions can have the most beneficial impact - can help us see the interconnections and interdependence of human-made systems along with natural systems.

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Map your place in the world

Geospatial thinking inspires stewardship and partnership rather than ownership of the earth, allowing us to engage intimately and work constructively. From neighbourhoods to nations, transportation networks to weather patterns, we can understand business and government on both a hyperlocal and global scale using geospatial technologies.

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Build a better future with location technology

Long-lasting, meaningful growth requires geospatial approaches and technology to bring big ideas to life. Location intelligence, in tandem with AI, helps us analyse past events to better plan ahead. With this foundation, we can work together to build a more promising future.

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Moving beyond inspiration to action

Around the world, business and government leaders create meaningful change for a sustainable and prosperous future, powered by location intelligence and geospatial technologies.

  • Nurturing our oceans

    Advances in mapping and analysis are providing the knowledge we need to sustain life both on land and in the sea—helping us move beyond simply extracting resources to intentionally nurturing and sustaining the world's oceans.

  • Designing smarter cities

    From a single street to towns and megacities, we can reinvent urban systems for a smarter, fairer, and more sustainable relationship with our planet and one another.

  • Preparing for emergencies

    Location intelligence is fuelling a profound change—instead of reacting, we use location technology to intervene early, reducing cascading challenges and proactively mapping where to mobilise people when action is critical.

  • Modernising infrastructure

    In a global economy, infrastructure runs on dynamic, location-aware platforms. We can manage these organic systems to increase productivity and scalability while gleaning insight and business intelligence.

  • Rethinking public health

    With growing awareness of the interconnectedness of the health of people, animals, and the environment, location intelligence shows us where and how to intervene to foster a holistic view of health and public care.

  • Accelerating renewable agriculture

    Using datacentric precision agriculture to improve productivity, safety, nutrition, and sustainability can protect land and ensure sustenance for future generations.

  • Upgrading transportation

    To develop transport systems that align with both human need and the earth's systems, we take a sustainable approach, considering how each place and movement is connected to everything else.

  • Boosting commerce, innovation, and GDP

    Businesses use location intelligence to get closer to customers and supply chains; manage assets and facilities (both physical and virtual); operate sustainably; and compete for talent, innovation, and intellectual property.


Esri's leadership role to support you in this work

Our 50 years of leading location-based expertise and innovative technology have helped businesses, governments, and people change the way they lead, plan, work, and live—to advance sustainable prosperity for all.

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