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Plan, design, build, maintain and operate smarter infrastructure using spatial analysis.



Skanska, Costain and STRABAG Joint Venture

The Skanska, Costain and STRABAG Joint Venture (SCS JV) has improved collaboration on a multi-billion pound engineering project, by integrating 3D GIS and BIM models to create one of the most advanced 3D mapping systems in the UK. Using this state-of-the-art solution, teams can share information and make better decisions to reduce costs and improve safety.

Insider Knowledge: Indoor Mapping meets BIM


The ability to track and map the indoor environment is crucial to understanding site layouts, assets and navigation. BIM data can now be easily visualised and shared to allow efficient site management and geoenable your indoor spaces. Join Esri UK, The University of Oxford and Tetra Tech to discover how to optimise indoor space mapping.

ArcGIS AEC Collections

Design smarter with location intelligence

Tailored specifically for AEC organisations, this pre-packaged configuration of  ArcGIS products enables the creation, management, visualisation and sharing of project data.


The Smart Workplace

Indoor GIS for Smart Buildings - creating a visual building inventory for maintenance, accountability and efficiency.

Innovation in the built environment

Thrive in the emerging digital construction economy with intelligent mapping and analysis tools. Use advanced analytics to plan, design and create a smarter, more efficient, collaborative and resilient built environment whilst reducing costs, driving efficiencies and improving profitability.


Plan intelligently with 2D and 3D visualisation and analysis. Model scenarios and share information, considering the natural and built environments from the very first stages of planning and design.

Geospatial analytics

Combine CAD workflows with geospatial visualisation and spatial analysis to give a holistic perspective of the surrounding environment to enable informed design decisions.

Share & collaborate

You can share your information and metadata with your colleagues, supply chain, contractors and clients. Using Story Maps you can collaborate with the general public and involve decision makers much earlier in the design and construction process.

Real-time situational awareness

Use real-time data processing, dashboards and mobile tools to facilitate the smooth and safe operation of completed facilities and to demonstrate a resilient future to stakeholders.

Operational intelligence

Connect field crews through real time mapping applications to coordinate construction, on site and in the office, during the build phase, both safely and efficiently. 

Specialised Apps

ArcGIS Pro

Mash up multiple data sources to make smart maps. Use powerful 2D and 3D analytical tools with advanced analytics to create and share new insights. 

Learn more about ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS GeoPlanner

Rapidly design city, regional and landscape-scale scenarios in a collaborative, iterative environment using web based planning tools.

Learn more about ArcGIS GeoPlanner

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server

Use real-time mapping and spatial analysis to provide situational awareness for dynamically changing assets.

Learn more about ArcGIS GeoEvent Server


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