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Esri’s software, ArcGIS, is the most powerful mapping and analytics software in the world. We pioneer problem solving through GIS and recognise that the digital revolution in the construction industry, driven by BIM processes, requires geospatial and design data to be used together. As the global market leader in GIS we have partnered with Autodesk to put GIS and BIM at the centre of construction projects. Together we are driving smarter decisions, optimised designs, accelerated project approvals and reduced cost, to create smarter cities and a resilient infrastructure. 


A Story Map of the Millennium House BIM lifecycle

This Story Map shows examples of ArcGIS tools and applications, in each stage of the fictional development of Esri UK's Head Office. See how ArcGIS can improve analysis, decision making and information sharing.


Plan intelligently with 2D and 3D visualisation and analysis. Root your plans in a detailed understanding of the site, its neighbourhood, the environment, the link to infrastructure and the constraints


Combine CAD workflow with geospatial visualisation, giving a holistic perspective of the surrounding environment and informing design decisions


ArcGIS connects your teams by using familiar maps populated with critical workflow, personnel and asset data to orient and inform stakeholders. Web GIS can deliver a common view of essential information to staff, whether they are in the office or on site


Improve safety, efficiency and sustainability with better operational oversight. Esri’s real-time data processing, dashboards and mobile tools facilitate smooth and safe operation

Autodesk partnership


Esri and Autodesk have joined forces to advance infrastructure planning and design. The strategic partnership will build the bridge between BIM and GIS mapping technologies.

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