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ArcGIS is helping companies such as Sellafield Ltd in the nuclear field to minimise costs and improve organisational efficiency across all project phases. ArcGIS helps to minimise the risks of delays and budget overruns, while ensuring all operations are running smoothly. ArcGIS provides a central source of data and tools that facilitates closer collaboration between all relevant departments within the organisation.


Managing complex facilities in a highly congested and hazardous environment

At the world’s most complex nuclear facility, the strategic planning team uses Esri’s ArcGIS platform to help plan and manage hundreds of simultaneous decommissioning projects that will take 110 years to complete. ArcGIS is contributing to multi-million pound cost savings, while helping Sellafield to reduce risk.

ArcGIS enables us to understand the future better.

Computer Aided Engineering Capability Leader
Sellafield Ltd

Site Selection

Assess and monitor surface and sub surface conditions like seismology, meteorology, geology, hydrology and ensure that you plan accordingly.

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Site Operations

Manage your infrastructure, supply chain and other assets more efficiently and save considerable operating costs.

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Resilience and Decommissioning

Model plume spread or environmental risk factors such as earthquakes or floods to better understand risks and make your facilities more resilient.

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Public Consultation

Use viewer-friendly, interactive story maps for public consultation and sharing and publishing your data to raise engagement.

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Environmental Management

Validate and track waste, ecology and contamination management on site in an easy, precise and cost efficient way. Ensure that your site is maintained for future generations.

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Transforming the Nuclear Industry

Understanding location and spatial relationships is fundamental to increasing operational efficiency in the Nuclear industry. From site selection and environmental management to public consultation, construction and site operations, this interactive eBook explores the application of innovative technology to achieve significant operational efficiency improvements throughout the Nuclear Industry.

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