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Fuel your operations with the power of spatial analysis and find the best places to build a new facility, map your current facilities and manage nearby environmental factors, such as weather conditions and economic variables. Track developments in current and potential generation sites in real time, and share with your team for faster collaboration.


Web app sheds light on solar energy potential

The Northern Virginia Solar Map - GIS technology and Esri’s ArcGIS software proved indispensable in the development of the web app, which lets property owners evaluate the benefits and impacts of placing photovoltaic (PV) panels on their roofs.

Site Selection

Assess and monitor surface and sub surface conditions like seismology, meteorology, geology, hydrology and ensure that you plan accordingly.

Asset Management

Accurately locate and visualise assets, collect data in the field with a real time view of operations and enable predictive maintenance.

Customer Service

Communicate plans, show progress and let people know where work is happening and how it will affect them.

Service Restoration

See real-time weather, asset and outage data to dispatch the right crews with the right equipment to the right place.

Specialised Apps


Create facility maps, analyse data, provide information to your entire organisation and more.

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Calculate Solar Radiation

Visualise solar radiation on the ground, as well as on the roofs of buildings, in 3D.

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Living Atlas of the World

Ready-to-use maps give more context to survey and operational workflows.

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