Empower the democratic process with GIS. Effective election agencies use location technology in operations, public outreach and redistricting to streamline the flow of information. Take advantage of modern maps and apps to inform the public, engage citizens and simplify Election Day activities.


Smart Community Delivers Real-Time Election Results

Using free ArcGIS for Local Government application templates, Virginia's Fairfax County Office of Elections built and customised a real-time results viewer in just a few short weeks.

Elections management

Whether ensuring district data accuracy or protecting against voter fraud, GIS can be used to orchestrate elections every step of the way.

Election Day operations

Visualise a collective overview of Election Day to allocate resources optimally to polling places.

Voter engagement

Election departments can use GIS to communicate with and better understand their constituencies.

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GIS enables the public to create and propose redistricting scenarios that address citizens' current needs.

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Specialised Apps

Election Results

Access the Election Results app to share results tabulated on election night from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

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Administrative Area Data Management

Maintain inventory of administrative areas - school districts, voting districts and other service boundaries.

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ArcGIS Hub

Transform how you engage and collaborate with your community. Provide a two-way engagement platform to connect government and citizens.

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