Public Works

GIS links public works, staff and citizens together. Coordinate work in the field, plan operations and prepare for problems in advance. Whether you’re routing fleets, maintaining critical infrastructure, or creating budget reports, GIS helps you efficiently and transparently manage infrastructure.


Keeping track of Scotland's gritters

To reassure and update Scotland's drivers on the number of gritter vehicles sent out to treat the roads during winter conditions, Transport Scotland launched 'The Gritter Tracker'

Maintain infrastructure

Track the conditions of roads and bridges to maintain progress and share results.

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Manage solid waste

Intelligent mapping and analytics reduce wastefulness in waste collection and disposal.

Prepare for inclement weather

Whether rain, snow or weather-related disaster, have a plan before the storm arrives.

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Featured Apps

Snow Common Operational Picture (SnowCOP)

Operations managers use this dashboard to monitor snow events and respond to incidents, even in extreme conditions.

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My Government Services

The My Government Services app is used by the public to locate government facilities and get information about curbside and drop-off services.

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Mosquito Population Surveillance

The Mosquito Population Surveillance app is customised for biologists and field inspectors to record mosquito counts by species.

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Managing Winter Maintenance with GIS

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