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Public Health

Tackle public health issues with smart maps and analysis. Manage pandemics, prevent chronic disease and monitor environmental quality to transform community health. Use ArcGIS software to better understand areas of need, improve resource allocation and enact policies that improve well-being.


Managing healthy communities

When it comes to building a healthy smart community, many different services need to collaborate and share information. If a community needs to respond to an outbreak, the ability to create, share and interpret maps benefits everyone within that smart community.

Public health preparedness

Use GIS to prepare for any disaster or epidemic. 

Mobile data collection

Enabling mobile data collection for health and social events.

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Disease surveillance

Collect and analyse data from disparate sources and visualise the effectiveness of interventions.

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Opioid crisis management

Visualise opioid overdose locations and connect people with resources

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Specialised Apps

Restaurant inspections

Strengthen restaurant inspection data collection. Speed inspections in connected and disconnected environments. 

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Tackle opioid epidemic

Access a collection of maps and apps used to communicate the severity of the opioid epidemic, promote treatment alternatives and understand the effectiveness of response activities.

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Combat vector borne diseases

Control the spread of vector-borne diseases with this collection of maps and apps used to manage mosquito populations.

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