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Social Care

Use smart maps and spatial analysis to see where programmes can do the most good. Fuse demographics and location data to better understand the links between infrastructure and challenges such as homelessness, poverty and the needs of aging populations. Streamline processes and better serve clients.


A collaborative approach to working with homelessness

Explore this story map that dives in to homelessness. As the number of homeless people populating the streets and public facilities of Anchorage grew, the Mayor’s staff needed a way to keep track of camps and interactions with neighbouring businesses and neighbourhoods in an efficient and timely manner.

Opioid epidemic management

Map current services and programmes and identify areas that need resources.

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Homelessness services

Use a multidepartmental approach to help the homeless access services and find a permanent residence.

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Mobile data collection

Enabling mobile data collection for health and human services event.

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Specialised Apps

Tackle opioid epidemic

Access a collection of maps and apps used to communicate the severity of the opioid epidemic, promote treatment alternatives and understand the effectiveness of response activities.

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Reduce homelessness

Use a collection of maps and apps to count the homeless population, inventory resources and increase awareness of services for the homeless.

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