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Identify suitable development opportunities, maximise return on assets, increase productivity and deliver exceptional tenant services.


Case Study

Flagship Group - We Love Maps - Enterprise GIS - AC18

Flagship Group's mission is to solve the housing crisis in the east of England and with that in mind, Matt and Abi’s mantra is to help employees work smarter not harder. Discover how their approach to integrating ArcGIS Enterprise with other operational data, has delivered a central system of record to manage and maintain Flagship's property portfolio. Learn how providing access to the right information is empowering employees to make informed decisions that has transformed working practices across the business and ultimately improved the services delivered to customers.

Asset Management

A clear and consistent operational view of what you own and what land you are responsible for is key for a social landlord. Determine ownership of assets and assign responsibility, sharing this information across the organisation. Dig deeper into your holding to analyse under occupancy, debt clusters and underperforming assets.

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Property Development

Transform communities with sustainable housing, built for purpose, where demand is high. Use GIS and LandClan to overlay data such as property types, access routes, land ownership, property demand and demographics to identify suitable land for new sites that meet regulatory compliance and make the best use of the land available.

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property devlopment section


It has never been more important for all organisations to do their part in reducing their impact on the environment. Use data and location to identify where your properties are not hitting the target ‘C’ EPC rating and plan the most efficient ways to improve this. Map your greenspaces and biodiversity to insure all your residents have access to greenspaces while evidencing your organisations work to improve the local environment and ecosystem.

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Grounds Maintenance

Collect and analyse data while working offsite to save time and increase productivity. Green areas, trees and other assets using accurate location information to increase efficiency and improve response times. Use ArcGIS mobile apps to reduce errors when gathering data, share real time information and insure you only maintain the land you are responsible for.

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Community Management

Empower your team while out visiting customers with access to accurate information about what is local to your customers. Make sure each home you provide has access to the services your tenants need. Conduct digital surveys while visiting tenants and share the results immediately.

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Customer Services

With growing expectations from empowered customers it is essential to have an organisation-wide focus on service delivery. GIS enables you to share information across your organisation in real time to create an agile and responsive workforce. Be on hand to react to your tenant’s needs as they digitally self-serve and enable your staff with the correct information when a customer does get in touch.

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The benefits of using GIS in Social Housing



Social Housing Whitepaper: Identify. Invest.

Social Housing providers are facing increasing challenges from new regulations and the need to meet higher standards. More regulatory oversight means customer satisfaction and risk prevention are even more front and centre but is also increasing operational costs. All this while the cost of living continues to be challenging.

Read this whitepaper to learn how a geospatial approach will help with:

  • Streamlining your operations when maintaining your existing investments
  • Identifying cost-effective, sustainable and profitable future investments
  • Reducing short and long term costs
  • Finding profitable investment opportunities
Read the whitepaper here

Add a new layer of depth to data analysis within Power BI

Enable your organisation to make informed decisions by using accurate maps and location data alongside other crucial business information. Share your Power BI reports—with Esri maps—within your organisation. 

 Detect patterns and trends in your data. Create heat maps, aggregate data into clusters, determine drive time, or find the nearest location—all with one click. Enrich your data with global demographics and geographic content curated by Esri and its partners.

ArcGIS Maps for PowerBI

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