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Identify suitable development opportunities, maximise return on assets, increase productivity and deliver exceptional tenant services.


Working smarter not harder

Flagship Housing Group's mission is to solve the housing crisis in the east of England. With that in mind, the GIS team are focused on helping employees work smarter not harder. Discover how their approach to integrating ArcGIS Enterprise with other operational data, has delivered a central system of record to manage and maintain Flagship's property portfolio. Providing access to the right information is empowering employees to make informed decisions, transforming working practices across the business and ultimately improving the services delivered to customers.

Take small steps to digital transformation


Start your journey towards a rapid digital transformation through the adoption of mobile apps, digital maps and spatial analysis tools. Use ArcGIS to identify the most suitable development opportunities, expose underutilised assets, streamline asset maintenance and increase productivity. Insight from advanced spatial analysis empowers housing associations to make informed decisions, resulting in better tenant service.

Identify profitable development opportunities

Find suitable land for development by analysing current property types, access routes, land ownership, property demand and local demographics.


Streamline asset management

Visualise asset data such as boundaries, properties, liabilities, grounds maintenance and disabled access. Use spatial analysis tools to identify ways to reduce costs, increase asset value and improve the efficiency of maintenance activities.


Improve response times

Increase the productivity of field workers, reduce data collection errors and minimise risk using ArcGIS mobile apps to survey properties, trees and other assets, while out on the field. Use these tools to share up to date information across the organisation and provide exceptional customer service.


Empower your entire organisation

Assist decision makers by using spatial analysis in ArcGIS to improve data accuracy and information sharing across the entire organisation. 


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