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Grounds Maintenance

Use ArcGIS to query asset data in new ways and find simple solutions to efficiently manage issues such as under occupancy, underutilised space and the risks of tree damage. Rich data visualisations and mobile apps can be used to accurately size your grounds to negotiate competitive service contracts and reduce direct costs.


Case Study

Smart Working on the Go

Silva Homes (previously Bracknell Forest Homes) facilitate faster, more efficient processes through mobile data collection, allowing their Tree Team to manage 10,000 trees with just two members of staff. The solution allows multiple stakeholders, both internal and external, to gain access to large quantities of accurate survey information. Watch Andy Keljarret and Sarah Proctor to find out how Silva Homes work smarter to deliver the best possible service to customers while achieving significant cost savings.

Case study

Responding efficiently to reported tree incidents

Flagship Group owns and manages thousands of trees and can receive up to eighty requests for tree work every single month, in addition to scheduled tree maintenance. It can now plan these tasks more efficiently using Esri’s Workforce for ArcGIS and respond faster to any issues that might pose a risk to the public.

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