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Gain hyperlocal risk insights

A GIS platform for advanced mapping and analytics

As the frequency and severity of natural disasters grow exponentially, insurance companies adapt by reducing liabilities in their portfolio. Insurers with resilient geospatial strategies use geographic information system (GIS) technology to analyse, identify, and map new opportunities and hazards with precision.

Innovating Insurance: Understanding Emerging Risks in an Uncertain World

In today's evolving insurance landscape, businesses face a myriad of challenges that require innovative solutions to stay competitive. From the increasing frequency of natural disasters to the growing expectations of digital-savvy customers, the insurance industry must adapt to the changing tides of risk and customer demands. As technology advances, customer expectations evolve, and global crises emerge, it is crucial for insurance companies to continuously innovate to stay ahead. 

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the key themes and insights gathered from interviews with industry professionals and explores the role of spatial intelligence in addressing the challenges identified.

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