Portfolio Risk

Understand hazard proximity to improve risk score precision. Location analytics in ArcGIS software provides an easy way for insurance companies to discover unknown problems, model situations and implement the best solutions to minimise portfolio risk. 


Preventing a natural catastrophe from becoming a business crisis

Global insurer Sompo Canopius has used Esri’s ArcGIS to put up-to-date information about potential natural hazards and risks at the fingertips of all its employees. Consequently, the organisation can now make more incisive underwriting decisions and better understand the impact of major catastrophes to protect business profitability.

Weather analysis

Combine real-time and historical data to better understand risks before weather events occur

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Optimise policy pricing

Use modelling to set premiums at the locations of specific properties.

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Improve risk analysis, evaluation and mitigation. 

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    Specialised Apps and Data

    ArcGIS Business Analyst

    Create powerful, insightful and beautiful infographics.

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    Apps for the Field

    Use ArcGIS apps to collect and distribute data to and from the field. Reduce errors, boost productivity and save money.

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    ArcGIS Drone2Map

    When disasters occur, sites can remain unsafe for weeks. Quickly survey the impact of an event while keeping your staff out of harm's way.

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