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Maps and spatial analysis empower innovative manufacturers. Increase sales, decrease risk and gain market share.



GM Moves beyond Dots on a Map

Global Manufacturer, General Motors puts its data to work to understand the competitive landscape. Robust spatial analytics gives 4,300 GM dealers insight into how to successfully meet local demand and grow business. Understanding customer preferences gives the company an edge in delivering excellent customer service.

Outperform the Competition

Intelligent mapping and analytics drive informed decisions. Get a competitive advantage with Esri's ArcGIS technology. Use real-time product performance tracking and advanced analytics to increase market share. Visualise supply chain workflows, efficiencies and risks. Improve customer satisfaction and outpace competitive threats throughout global markets.

Geospatial Analytics

Gain the ability to foresee where market opportunities and threats may develop. Combine live data trends with past patterns to realise growth and efficiency and mitigate risk.


Data-Driven Insight

Collect and overlay disparate data. Uncover hidden intelligence within sales figures, marketing campaigns and complex supply chain operations.


Real-Time Situational Awareness and Alerting

Empower staff to collect, view and share real-time information. Rapidly respond to supplier, product and customer situations — anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Extend Mapping and Spatial Analytics throughout Operations

Discover growth opportunities and strengthen service.


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