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Sales Territory Optimisation and Field Service Operations

Strengthen service to customers

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Keep pace with new business and customer needs

Boost customer satisfaction and sales performance with field service and sales territory optimisation

Top manufacturers use location intelligence to understand market potential, support expansion strategies, define sales strategies, and manage sales and dealer territories. Location-based technology helps organisations design high-performing and profitable sales territories for sales force alignment and optimal customer service.

Build high-performing global field service networks

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Visualise the network from end to end

Visualise the full landscape of your network. Map all facility, field service operation, supplier, distribution, and customer locations to see them all in a single live view. Digitally interrogate the end-to-end network, from global to local scales, and the data behind the assets to make fast, informed decisions that support daily operations.

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Ensure customer satisfaction

Exceed customer expectations by consistently meeting SLAs while keeping pace with shifting market demands through location-based service optimisation. Monitor asset utilisation over time to adjust workforce, business partner, or distribution channels, and reposition or add new facilities or assets as conditions dictate.

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Align sales territories and demand

Enable a data-driven approach to sales territory optimisation in response to fluctuating market demands. Perform what-if scenario modeling to realign territories based on priorities such as revenues by territory, product categories, and channel type. Include variables such as population trends, human-movement data, and competitor data.

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Optimise field service coverage

Minimise unproductive time for technicians through location-based field service optimisation. Ensure the coordination of service parts, materials, and personnel to meet SLAs and grow service contracts.

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Leverage real-time data and dashboards

Gain precise information about the location and condition of your assets at any given time. Map and analyse valuable fleet and network assets by natively ingesting real-time telemetry data. Enable service operations crews with GIS-based apps to interact with asset data on demand and optimise field service.

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