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Inform response with shared awareness

Critical incidents, including natural disasters, terrorism and cyberattacks, are becoming more frequent, intense and complex. Sharing location-based data in real time about the scope, scale and complexity of a crisis helps prioritise incident response and ensures that appropriate resources are available to help save lives and property. Sharing situational awareness enables collaboration and coordination between the operations centre and the field and across government, business and community agencies that are working together.

See clearly in times of crisis

During an incident, implementing a suite of real-time tools for operations centers and field personnel keeps everyone aligned on the mission and helps restore order to the chaos.

  • Quickly analyse data to coordinate incident response, eliminate duplication of effort and guide first responders to where help is needed most.
  • Deploy mobile applications to streamline damage assessments.
  • Create a shared map to allow first responders, law enforcement, leaders and citizens to collaborate.


Combine information for agile decision-making in a crisis using location intelligence technology from the Esri Geospatial Cloud.
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