Support long-term success

Competing with both brick-and-mortar neighbours and online retailers, today's businesses can't afford to choose a bad location. Innovative business leaders use location intelligence to forecast profits for potential locations and networks of locations and to make strong site selection and market planning decisions.

See growth opportunities others can’t

Smart maps show current store performance or customer base in context of location and market opportunity. Spatial analysis enables selection of the most profitable sites based on competition, demographics and supply chain.

  • Identify and target the most profitable locations.
  • Make repeatable growth decisions at scale.
  • Avoid cannibalising sales and jeopardising current business.
  • Optimise online buying and in-store customer engagement.
  • Make the most of store, market and merchandise mixes.


Empower data-driven site selection and territory planning with location intelligence from the Esri Geospatial Cloud.

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