The best approach to HSE (Health, Safety and the Environment) in the oil and gas industry is preparation and prevention. Advanced maps and spatial analysis reveal vulnerabilities that can be addressed before an alarm rings. Know where people and assets are located and their real-time status to minimise risk. Map a path to preparedness with plans for evacuations, containment and mitigation that can save lives and property should an emergency arise.


Shell Prepares for Coordinated Emergency Response

Safeguarding people and the environment is top priority for Shell. The company relies on authoritative data and situational awareness maps from Esri to prepare the most informed emergency response plan possible.

Environmental Management

Manage obligations from many sources in one integrated and collaborative system.

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Risk Management

Effectively assess risks to people, assets, the environment and reputation.

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Environmental Impact Assessment

Evaluate active sites using the latest imagery and data to create impact reports.

Specialised Apps

Living Atlas of the World

Access valuable maps, data layers and weather services, on demand.

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Apps for the Field

Improve operational efficiencies in field workforce activities.

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