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Real Estate

Maps and analytics deliver greater insight and take marketing to the next level.


Asset Management & Property Development Evaluation made easy

LANDClan is a cloud-based software platform that acts as your digital land and property partner by enabling developers to easily find and evaluate potential land parcels for development. It also makes it easy for anyone with a property portfolio to operate an Active Asset Management Strategy, regardless of the scale of the assets.

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Use of Geospatial within the Real Estate industry

Knight Frank, a real estate consultancy, uses ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Desktop to help clients with site acquisition. Recent projects include using 3D GIS analysis to discover areas of London with low utilisation of land to help address the city's housing shortages.

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Make the most of every location

Successful real estate companies know that opportunity comes from detailed understanding and insight. ArcGIS software amplifies market knowledge with the best location-based data to help you better understand factors that drive growth. Uncover hidden opportunities for a competitive advantage. 

Turn location into action

Transform spreadsheets into data-driven decisions that maximise site selection, marketing and tenant management returns.

Find & understand the best opportunities

Quickly understand market opportunities and capitalise on them. Maps and spatial analysis supplement experience and intuition with powerful decision-making insight.

Professional marketing material in minutes

Create beautiful and compelling infographics, reports and interactive websites that show off your sites and differentiate you from the competition. 

Improve collaboration across the business

Open the door for everyone to make the best and most profitable business decisions.


Strengthen all real estate activities

From finding opportunities through closing, ArcGIS software gives your organisation an edge. 


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