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Renewable Energy

Energy efficiency powered by GIS

A green and yellow map of the United States, wind and solar farm, and three elevated pipelines

The development of renewable energy sources—such as wind, solar, hydrogen, and geothermal energy facilities—and the infrastructure to support them are inherently spatial in nature. Current trends in renewable energy projects are using geospatial analysis to help leaders optimise energy transmission systems, changing the way companies leverage renewable resources.


‏‏‎Leverage a digital approach to develop renewable energy

  • Use maps, imagery, and remote sensing data to understand energy potential, drive site selection, and improve operational performance.
  • Integrate field, machine, and real-time data into operational dashboards that help improve workflow efficiency, and maintain clean and smart energy projects to ensure a low carbon sustainable future.
  • Deploy systems on-premises and/or in the cloud with modern architectures and SaaS/DaaS/IaaS infrastructures to improve clean energy production, transmission, and delivery for greater economic and social resilience.
Two field workers in red safety jackets walking through a field of solar panels

Renewable energy sources

GIS is enabling new energy production by identifying sites of maximum energy potential and optimised economic development while minimising environmental impact.

A sunset sky over a field of solar panels

Wind energy

Unite all the information you need, from design to construction, and efficiently operate wind energy facilities safely.

Solar energy

GIS is applied across the solar energy business, from mapping energy potential to using commercial analytics and engaging with stakeholders.

Geothermal energy

Important GIS-supported workflows include determining prime locations to implement geothermal technologies, finding potential markets, and deciding on the required infrastructure.


GIS energy modelling is used heavily in hydrogen infrastructure, demand, market, and resource analysis. GIS enables you to consider several multivariate scenarios to produce optimal business strategies.

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