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Maximise your store investments

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Make better decisions about stores and facilities

Retail real estate managers make critical decisions when evaluating sites for new stores or facilities. Analysts can support these decisions using state-of-the-art geoprocessing tools to analyse data about customer traffic, footfall, demographics, and household income to evaluate and score potential sites quickly and accurately.

Make real estate decisions with confidence

Choosing where to invest in new properties and where to close existing ones are some of the most important and expensive decisions business leaders make. Location intelligence provides precise local insights that allow businesses to make these decisions confidently.

Market competition is a critical insight

Understanding the changing competitive landscape in a market is a fundamental capability for retailers. Using site data from GIS technology combined with spatial analytics, retailers can leverage this data to visualise and understand the competitive presence in their markets.

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Location is a company's most important asset

Investments in stores, facilities, and offices are critical to success. The ability to make decisions about locations quickly and with confidence brings a competitive advantage. Company leaders can use location intelligence to bring together hyperlocal market data and maps to inform fast, accurate decisions. 

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Population data you can trust

Demographics help you understand people and populations. For retailers, this is the key to insights about the markets and neighbourhoods where they do business. ArcGIS has over 10,000 demographic variables available that describe population, housing, employment, and income.

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Bass Pro Shops business continuity

During the COVID-19 crisis, the team at Bass Pro Shops used location technology and a dose of innovation to monitor and manage operations.

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