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Nonprofit Programme

Geospatial solutions for nonprofits

Access data, technology, and resources to advance your mission

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What's included

The Esri Nonprofit Organisation Programme provides access to the tools you need to bring location intelligence to your organisation. It offers low-cost, 1-year-subscriptions for ArcGIS. Contact us about other product discounts not featured below.

ArcGIS Online

A complete cloud-based mapping solution

  • Discover and use maps on any device

  • Collect and use your own data

  • Engage your community using story maps

  • Access Esri's Living Atlas of the World

  • Assign unique roles to users

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ArcGIS Pro

The world’s most advanced spatial analysis and mapping platform

  • Contains ArcMap

  • Includes advanced analysis and cartography tools

  • Contains the 10 most popular desktop extensions

  • Provides named user access to ArcGIS Online

  • Contains ArcGIS 3D Analyst

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ArcGIS Enterprise

Powerful on-premises or cloud-based server software

  • Includes advanced GIS server - up to 16 cores

  • Contains Enterprise GDB and ArcGIS Data Store

  • Provides named user access to your online portal

  • Contains dozens of apps and Web GIS

  • Includes additional server roles

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Enterprise agreements

Enterprise agreements (EA) extend access to information, mapping, and analytical capabilities across organisations and are specifically designed to meet the needs of any NPO.



  • Up to 150 ArcGIS Desktop licenses

  • 50 level 1 and 200 level 2 ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise named users

  • 200 level 2 ArcGIS Enterprise named users



  • Up to 350 ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licenses

  • 100 Level 1 and 450 Level 2 ArcGIS Online named users and 450 Level 2 Enterprise named users

  • 10 ArcGIS Enterprise sixteen-core licenses



  • Up to 750 ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licenses

  • 250 level 1 and 1,000 level 2 ArcGIS Online named users and 1,000 level 2 Enterprise named users

  • 20 ArcGIS Enterprise sixteen-core licenses



  • Uncapped ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licenses

  • 500 level 1 and 1,500 level 2 ArcGIS Online named users and 1,500 Level 2 Enterprise named users

  • Uncapped ArcGIS Enterprise sixteen-core licenses

Training Opportunities

We are delighted to offer the following discounts to UK Nonprofit organisations.



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