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GIS and the Environment

Integrate data and smart mapping tools to obtain insights in order to better protect the environment


Healing Our World: A Conversation with Pioneering Biologist E.O. Wilson

Renowned biologist E.O. Wilson explains the urgency of protecting the earth's biodiversity.

A platform for protecting the environment

Esri’s ArcGIS platform provides the data and analytics you need to execute informed conservation plans. Use authoritative data and sophisticated analytics to understand and better protect any biodiverse environment.

Collect data

ArcGIS apps help you gather environmental data and respond more quickly to areas in need of remediation. Leverage the ability to observe, measure and monitor your area of study with more detail and greater precision than you ever thought possible.

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Predict the future

ArcGIS provides the modelling tools to analyse data, visualise patterns and better understand complex systems. Compare present conditions with the past to make authoritative predictions.

Plan to protect

ArcGIS empowers stakeholders with decision support tools to visualise possible outcomes and share information with all stakeholders. Create a strategic plan to meet your conservation goals faster. 


With visual platforms like Story Maps, you can tell your conservation story in context with maps and media that describe your cause. Inspire others to understand your cause and take action.

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Begin applying The Science of Where to your mission and increase your impact. Learn about Esri’s Special Programmes and how to leverage technology, training and support.

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