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Smart maps and analytics reveal opportunities. Maximise assets and strengthen growth, customer experience and revenue with GIS.


HTC speeds operations and response times

North America’s largest telecoms operator depends on GIS for marketing, engineering and service delivery. Decision makers discover critical relationships in massive datasets that inform strategy. Reports and analysis run in minutes, not months. Maps available on any device improve communication with customers.


Cost efficiency, increased productivity and reliability are fundamental to our key business objectives. ArcGIS is more than just a map, it's a solution.

Bill Fenner - Sky UK
GIS & Infrastructure Manager


GIS gives telecoms an advantage

Location is fundamental to all telecommunications services — mobile and fixed. Advanced mapping and real-time spatial analytics show new market opportunities, reveal ways to maximise return on network investments and support excellent service delivery. Esri's ArcGIS software improves operational performance and decision-making throughout the organisation.


Locate areas of growth and market trends as they emerge. Early detection provides a faster time to market and a competitive edge.


Test scenarios with spatial modelling tools. Select optimal investments in network and operational resources. Ensure maximum return on investment (ROI).


Monitor network performance. Fix issues before they affect service. GIS helps realise the value of your data.

Enhance returns on telecom investments

Location technology assists decision-makers in selecting cable runs, tower locations and service coverage. 


Find the best opportunities and make data-driven network decisions.

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Use real-time maps to track projects, forecast demand and manage assets. 

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Internet of Things

Transform raw data from the IoT into actionable intelligence.

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Awards and Reports

IoT - why location matters

Why The Internet of Things (IoT) will drive radical change in the telecommunications industry. 

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Esri shortlisted for a GSMA Award

Esri was shortlisted in the category: Mobile in Emergency or Humanitarian Situations. 

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Esri wins the TM Forum Live Award

Esri won the TM Forum Catalyst Team Award for a breakthrough Internet of Things (IoT) project.

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