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Plan, design and build networks in the places that need it with ArcGIS software. Track projects with network analysis and real-time maps of the field. Enhance market forecasts, route backhaul networks and manage asset conditions. Share information securely and quickly.


Real-time asset management reduces interruptions

To satisfy growing demand for high-bandwidth services, Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation maps work orders and integrates construction and as-built drawings into work order processes. Simplifying asset management has dramatically shortened service interruptions.

Strategy & planning

Whether it is a network rollout or strategic acquisition, a better understanding of location gives a strategic advantage.

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Engineering & construction

Integrate data into a unified design process to produce precise designs quickly.

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Network design

Integrate remote asset data with existing fixed network access points.

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Map opportunities, monitor expansions and determine installation intervals.

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Customer service

Leverage your data better to improve the customer experience.

Specialised Apps

Model Organisation for Fixed

Access dynamic, authoritative content to create, collaborate, catalogue and share maps, data and applications internally or with customers.

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Serviceability Lookup

Empower customers to view available services for a given location. Embed this app on your company's website to enrich their online experience.

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Backhaul Optimisation

Get a repeatable business process for creating initial network topologies. Optimise routes and reduce deployment costs.

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