Roads & Highways

Transportation organisations need cost-effective tools to manage assets, human resources and office and field operations. Use GIS to plan, monitor and manage infrastructure more effectively. Determine capacity enhancements, improve operations and identify the most strategic investments.


TfL delivers a £4 billion road modernisation plan

An enterprise deployment of Esri’s ArcGIS is helping Transport for London to transform the quality of London’s roads for residents, commuters and visitors alike. Using GIS, the organisation’s employees can make better operational and planning decisions, accelerate road improvement schemes and reduce disruption for road users.



Highways England: Saving £13 million while improving car journeys

In less than two months, Highways England developed an Esri ArcGIS web app in-house that gives its 4,700 employees a clear visual picture of all current and planned roadworks. The solution is now creating cost savings and operational efficiency improvements for Highways England, while at the same time improving journeys for road users and providing more transparent information for partners.

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