Save water. Save time. Save money. Intelligent water management begins with GIS.


Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of asset data

Severn Trent Water is systematically improving the quality of its asset data using a mobile GIS solution from Esri UK. With more complete and accurate records, it can deliver better customer services, optimise its business performance and operate more efficiently.

The power of ArcGIS is that developers can just run with it and create these amazing tools

James Tyreman
Head of IT Development, Affinity Water

Intelligent water systems start here

Location influences all aspects of managing water - from protecting a sustainable water supply to delivering safe drinking water. Advanced mapping and spatial analytics reveal relationships and patterns, answer complex questions and help users make informed decisions in both the office and the field.


Discover relationships in your data, such as areas of high risk due to pollutants or aging infrastructure. Detect problems before they can occur.


Standardise and improve daily processes between the office and the field. Share accurate information with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Collaboration and engagement

Share detailed maps and reports with internal and external stakeholders, enabling agile decision making, based on real-time data insights.


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    Empower your entire organisation.

    From supply to demand, Esri's ArcGIS software helps utilities manage the complete water cycle.

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    Optimise water operations.

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    Water Resources

    Manage a sustainable water supply.

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