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Ofwat's 2019 price review (PR19) provides the framework for a resilent, long-term future for water.  Utility companies generate vast amounts of data that require analysis and visualisations to be shared with customers. Operational intelligence using geographical information systems allows water companies to constantly evolve their plans to meet the challenges from both customers and regulators.

Customer Service

“The more information you can provide, and the more engagement you can deliver, the more positive a customer is going to feel about your organisation." 

Andy Nicholson, Asset Data Manager
Wessex Water

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Longer term resilience for water pricing

“We were not just deploying a new technology to replace, simplify and rationalise our existing geographic systems; rather we were investing in a strategic platform that we could continue to evolve over time to meet the needs of the business.” 

Jon Regan, Head of Business Integration Centre
Thames Water

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Affordable bills

“Having better data is contributing to Severn Trent Water’s household customers continuing to receive the lowest average combined water and sewerage bills in England and Wales.” 

Steve Allen, GIS Manager
Severn Trent Water

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Innovation and new ways of working

"Together with the ArcGIS web map, our GIS-enabled messaging service has led to a 20% fall in calls to our Customer Service Unit reporting problems with ‘no water’." 

Ryan Davies, Customer Experience Manager, Wessex Water

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