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Real-Time Benefits

Real-Time GIS gives you the ability to tap into, analyse and display streaming data from many sensors, devices, vehicles and social media feeds. Real-time monitoring will allow you to automatically and simultaneously send alerts to key personnel, detect and focus on the most important events, monitor thresholds for your operations, improve safety across your organisation and respond faster to emergencies.

Solve industry business problems

Mapping Real-Time Data

Configure maps or apps with real-time data from any system. Integrate with pre-built connectors to common data streams. 


Receive real-time notifications from both stationary and non-stationary assets. As events change you’ll know what is happening.

Operations Dashboard

Track and monitor real-time activities in order to respond quickly and proactively to events that affect your system. 


Quickly integrate your historical operational data with your infrastructure data to discover trends, patterns and outliers.

What's included?

  • ArcGIS Pro
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • GeoEvent Server
  • ArcGIS Online or Enterprise Named Users
  • ArcGIS Insights

 Also Included: 

  • Esri Self-Paced e-Learning (web training)
  • Authorised Technical Support Callers
  • Professional Services Implementation


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