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Water Loss Solution Benefits

The ArcGIS platform offers a suite of water-loss detection and response solutions, including leak logger apps and nighttime flow analysis apps, to respond faster and more strategically to main breaks and water leaks and manage your infrastructure data to make more informed decisions about capital improvement spending. This will ultimately help you reduce water losses and long-term capital expenditures.

Nighttime Flow Analysis Apps

Nighttime Flow Analysis is based on permanent or temporary District Metering Areas and step testing to identify where loss is occurring and to pinpoint the location of leaks.

Sub-DMA Planning

Plan and create sub-DMAs with interactive tools and models.

Sub-DMA Valve and Meter

Provide crews with access to the right valves for flow analysis.

Sub-DMA Nighttime Flow Update

Update the results of the nighttime flow analysis with observed field flows.

Sub-DMA Viewer

View and monitor the expected consumption of your sub-DMAs.

Sub-DMA Status Update

Adjust the status of your sub-DMAs and archive the results for historical use.


Analyse the results of your sub-DMAs and nighttime flows to gain a new understanding about your system.

Leak Logger Apps

Save time and money by understanding the best locations to place your leak loggers. Extend the value of your investment by improving the efficiency of your crews and make timelier, more informed decisions.

Leak Logger Analysis

Plan the placement of leak listening devices, manage information reported by the devices and be notified when a leak is reported.

Leak Logger Collector

Update the information on the logger devices in the office or field.

Leak Logger Dashboard

Monitor and track the status of your leak logger program.


Use charts, graphs and tables to interrogate the results of your leak data to detect trends, patterns and outliers.

What's included?

  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • ArcGIS GeoEvent Server
  • ArcGIS Online or Enterprise Named Users
  • ArcGIS for Water Utilities Solutions
  • ArcGIS Insights

 Also Included: 

  • Esri Self-Paced e-Learning (web training)
  • Authorised Technical Support Callers
  • Professional Services Implementation


Our engineering team estimates the total direct savings to be $1 million per year from the implementation of Esri's water loss solutions, with more than $200,000 of that coming from early leak detection.

Pat Harrell, White House Utilities District


Water Utility Saves with GIS

Staff estimate they save as much as $37,000 per leak, and general manager considers GIS the cornerstone of information making that happen.

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