Privacy Notice

Esri Ireland

 This notice is specific to Esri Ireland. For the equivalent Esri UK notice, see here

This privacy notice describes how and why we process your personal information. Your privacy is very important to us and we are committed to using your personal information lawfully and protecting your privacy.

Environmental Systems Research Institute Ireland Limited ("Esri Ireland"), company no.353903. Registered office: Riverside 1, Sir John’s Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2.

We will only collect, hold, use and/or process (together "process") your personal information where we are legally allowed to do so.

We will ensure that your personal information is:

  • processed lawfully, fairly and transparently
  • collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes
  • adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purpose of the processing
  • kept accurate and up to date
  • only kept for so long as is necessary
  • processed securely using appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure integrity and confidentiality

For us, the lawful basis which we rely on will fall into one of the following:

  • Contractual performance: where we process your personal information for contractual performance
    This includes enabling us to take steps you request prior to us entering into a contract; and then once we have entered into a contract, to enable us to perform the contract and to provide you with the products and services. We will process your personal information in accordance with the contract.

  • Legitimate interests: where we process your personal information for our legitimate interests
    We are a commercial organisation engaged in the provision of geographic information systems and associated services. We have an interest in promoting, marketing, selling and supporting our products and services. Where we process your personal information for our interests we will do so only where we have carefully considered both our and your interests. We will not process your personal information if our interests are overridden by your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms.

  • Consent: where we rely solely on your consent to process your personal information
    There may be circumstances where we need to or are required to obtain and/or rely upon your consent to process your personal information. If this is the case we will give you:
    • the reason for needing your consent, including details as to how we will process your information
    • the choice as to whether to provide consent
    • information to enable you to withdraw your consent

We process your personal information to enable you to buy or use our products, services, training, or to send you, or allow you to access, our marketing material. We only process your personal information in accordance with the law, including the Data Protection Acts 1988 – 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and where applicable UK legislation.

Further information on these is set out below:


Lawful Basis for processing

You are a customer

We will have entered into a contract with you in order to provide you with products, services, content or training

You use our website

To help inform you of our products and services. Where we process your information we will do so with your consent

You attend one of our events

To provide you details of the event. Where we process your information we will do so with your consent

You visit our office

The legitimate interests for processing information when you visit our offices is to ensure our and your security and safety during the visit

You apply for a job with us

The legitimate interests for processing information you provide us is to facilitate your application for employment

You contact us

The legitimate interests for processing information you provide us when you contact us on a specific enquiry is to enable us to address your query

If you are a supplier

We will have entered into a contract with you in order for you to supply us with products, goods or services


Where is the personal information captured

Where you are a customer

  • In pre-contract discussions and correspondence
  • In contractual documents
  • When registering, using or receiving our products and services
  • Where we provide you with support and assistance in the use of our products and services

If you use our website

  • Via specific forms on our website, e.g. when you download case studies or register for trial software
  • Via cookies or Esri Ireland website analytics tools

When you attend one of our events

  • Typically, via a website provided by Esri Ireland or by a company working on our behalf to organise the event

If you visit our offices

  • When you sign-in to our visitor book

If you apply for a job with us

  • Typically, via email when you send us your CV

If you are contacting us

  • Typically, via email to one of our staff

Depending on the circumstances for processing, personal information we process will include: title/salutation; name; date of birth; address; country or location; employer; e-mail addresses; telephone numbers; IP address and information obtained from that address; information we obtain from use of cookies on your computer; dietary information.

We may also process other personal information about you when needed to provide data, software, products, services or other information that you requested. We will make you aware of what personal information we are processing at the time of when we obtain it.

We do not process any sensitive personal information about you. You should not provide us with any sensitive personal information. Any sensitive personal information provided to us will be deleted.

We will never sell your information to a third party.

We will only share your information with a third party or transfer your data outside of Ireland / the EU if we need to. Where we do this we will comply with all of our legal obligations and we ensure that there are adequate protections in place to protect your information.

If we need your consent we will:

  • explain why we need to share your personal information
  • explain the purpose for which we will be sharing it
  • provide you with details of the third party
  • obtain your explicit consent for such.

You will be able to easily withdraw your consent in the same way in which you gave it.

here we rely on a different lawful basis, such as 'legitimate interests' or 'contractual', we will do so only to the extent permitted by such lawful basis.

Organisations that we may share your personal information with include:

  • ESRI (UK) Limited ("Esri UK") for the purpose of enabling licensing, use and support of Esri UK and Esri (defined below) products. Esri UK is located in the United Kingdom and is our parent company. Where we share your information with Esri UK, we do so subject to the above and in accordance with our group internal processes and procedures and/or contractual arrangements. Personal data flow from the EU to the UK is permitted under the EU Commission's adequacy decisions of June 2021.
  • Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. ("Esri"), for the purpose of enabling licensing and administering access, use and support of Esri's products. Esri is based in the United States of America. In compliance with GDPR, Esri uses the 'Standard Contractual Clauses' plus supplementary measures as part of Esri’s Data Processing Addendum to protect transferred personal data from the UK and/or EU to the United States of America. Further details can be found at Esri’s website here: ArcGIS Privacy and GDPR.
  • Those whom we use for our back-office systems, for the purpose of hosting those back-office systems.
  • Those whom Esri UK use for Esri UK's Online Services or our other hosted/managed services, for the purpose of hosting such.
  • The third party owner or licensor of any third party software and/or third party data, for the purpose of licensing and administering access, use and support of the third party software and/or third party data.
  • Those acting on our behalf for our conferences, events or webinars, for the purpose of providing the facilities, to enable the conference, event or webinar to take place, and where applicable to ensure your safety.
  • Venues used to deliver our external training courses, for the purpose of enabling the delivery of the training and to ensure your safety when onsite at that venue.

  • In all cases we will only keep your personal information for as long as we have a lawful basis for processing it.
  • Where you enter into a contract and/or place an order, we will keep your information for the duration of the contract and/or order, and thereafter for such period as we are permitted by law (to comply with financial legislation), or for so long as is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
  • Where you have made a general or specific enquiry but have not entered into a contract or placed an order with us, we will keep your information until that enquiry is resolved.
  • Where you have expressly consented to and/or subscribed to marketing, newsletters, events information or to any other form of communication, we will keep your information only whilst your consent and/or subscription is valid.
  • Where we no longer need your information and no longer have a basis for keeping it, we will delete it within 6 months.

We place a great deal of importance on the security of all personal information. We have in place appropriate technical and security measures which are reviewed routinely. Our approach to information security is validated by our externally audited certification to ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus.

We respect and place significant importance on your rights. To demonstrate this we have a separate document that outlines your rights, provides further information in relation to those rights and details what we will do when you wish to exercise your rights. Please refer to our 'Data Subject’s Rights Policy', which can be found here.

In summary, your rights include the right to:

  • Basic information (such as our identity, or that of the controller if not us, the reason and basis on which we process your personal data, together with as much information to ensure fairness and transparency) and to be informed
  • Object: to object to processing of personal data where such is done by us in certain circumstances, for example for our legitimate interests or direct marketing
  • Withdraw consent: to withdraw your previously given consent
  • Access: to be aware of and verify the lawfulness of the processing
  • Rectification: to correct personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • Erasure: to request the removal or deletion of personal data
  • Restrict processing: to restrict the processing of personal data
  • Data portability: to obtain and reuse personal data
  • Be aware of any automated decision making or profiling, and to request such is restricted

If you wish to object or to withdraw consent, you may contact us though one of the methods detailed below in the 'Contact us' section. In addition, where we have sent you a marketing email, we will have provided an 'unsubscribe' or 'set your preferences' or 'opt-out' link which you can use to stop any future marketing communications.

Please contact us by one of the following means:

  • E-mail us at:
  • Telephone us at: +353 (0)1 8693 900
  • Write to us at: Esri Ireland, Block B, Ashtown Gate, Navan Road, Dublin.  D15 NP9Y.