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A Royal Connection to a Distant Landscape

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About the map

With King Charles III’s coronation approaching, we felt inspired to create a map in honour of the event. So, we researched what regions, monuments and other objects have been named after him. As soon as we saw the Prince Charles Mountain range of Antarctica listed, we started wondering what a mountain range in Antarctica really looks like? 

Using ArcGIS Pro, we created a map so that you can explore this remote region without having to don your coat and mittens.

Why it works

This 3D diorama captures the white-capped mountains and surrounding landscape, including recreating the textures of fallen snow and ice walls.

Blending various layers together and experimenting with gradients and picture fills let us build a snowy terrain, complete with an ice sheet dwelling underneath. A matching inset lets readers know where they are in the world, while maintaining the frozen theme.

Important Steps




Tips and tricks

 Eve Selbie, Junior Customer Success Consultant

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