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Coastal views in the UK:

What Countries are directly across the sea from the UK

This Map Can:

Discover what can be done with a Story Map

World's busiest airports:

Where does Heathrow rank in the world's busiest airports?

EU referendum:

Which areas of the UK voted to stay or leave

Explore the world with Tim Peake:

Photos from his six stint on the ISS

The Great Fire of London:

The Great Fire of London, then and now

The Uprooted:

A map of the refugee crisis sweeping across Europe

Zika Map:

A map showing which countries are most affected by the Zika Virus

Walk of Britain:

Social media map for the Walk of Britain

Compare Europe in 1215 with today:

Magna Carta map

Walking with the Wounded:

Cumbrian Challenge 2015 map

Election 2015:

How active was my MP?

London Marathon: Spectators' guide

An interactive guide to the 2015 London Marathon


How dark will it be for you?

2015 Formula One circuit guide

An interactive guide to the 2015 Formula One calendar

Winners and losers

CO2 emissions since 1990

RBS Six Nations

2015 RBS Six Nations Venue Guide

Battleground Britain

The 50 constituencies to watch at the 2015 General Election.

UK by-elections

See the result of the Rochester and Strood by-election plus those of the other 20 Parliamentary by-elections.

UK Premier League 2013/14 Season

Explore the teams in the 2013/14 Premier League including starting league positions, stadium locations and stadium stats...

UK Universities

The Top 25 UK Higher Educational Bodies according to the Complete University Guide's 2015 rankings. Summaries sourced from The Guardian.

Flanders Fields 1914-1918

A World War I tour across West Flanders monuments, museums, sites and cemeteries

Britain's lost waterways

Explore the lost waterways of Britain with this map by the Canal and Rivers Trust....

Live Hurricane Map

Track Hurricanes and Cyclones including the hurricane currently approaching Japan...

Goaaaal!!! - FIFA World Cup 1930-2014

The FIFA World Cup of Football 1930-2014. Select a year, pan, zoom & click for stats...and follow Brazil 2014 updates

FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil

2014 World Cup Stadium Tour Map - this map includes a link to a social media map for the World Cup...

What's the air quality like in your area?

This Defra map shows air quality across the UK

Story of viticulture in Europe

European wine production in macro and micro levels. Wineries, wines and statistics...

Zoo Babies

Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, DC is home to babies of several species this spring. Not all of these young animals are cuddly balls of fur, but each is adorable in its own way.

Standby Task Force Yolanda Map

The life saving map made by Standby Task Force that was featured on BBC1 - Bang Goes The Theory Series 8 - Disaster Relief (#YolandaPH) ...

Geography videos from around the world

Explore a fascinating collection of videos related to human and physical geography around the world...

The true geography of the London Underground

With the tube strike coming up this week, this map showing where the tube lines really run could be invaluable!

Ceremonial and Historic Counties of England

Explore and compare ceremonial and historic counties of England

UK Charts - where the artists come from

Find out where the artists in the UK's current top 10 come from - and view the YouTube videos

London Marathon 2014

Explore the route of the London Marathon in this interactive storymap...

The Unknown World on the Ocean Floor

The Swedish Maritime Administration illustrating the hidden traces of our history through the unknown world of the ocean floor...

We are Happy from.....

See YouTube videos from around the world of people being happy....

Crisis in Crimea

Understand more about what has happened and where with this interactive map...