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Discover the Beauty of Elevation

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Elevation data, like Digital Terrain Models, provides us with a foundational understanding of the world. Given that the highest point on Earth is 8,848m (Everest) and the lowest is 10,984m (Challenger Deep), even the most experienced cartographer would be hard-pressed to find a single rendering to suit every situation.

Discover the beauty of elevation with DTM Explorer, an app built with the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript that allows you to dynamically adjust the colour ramp and find the perfect elevation visualisation for anywhere on Earth.    

Why it works

Performance plays a key part in this app. DTM Explorer is purely focused on the rendering of imagery, meaning it can do that job very quickly – transforming static imagery into something with motion that can be interacted with.

Adjust the sliders and watch sea levels rise or water drain down from the hills. With a wide selection of colour ramps, blend modes, and global data, the possibilities for symbolising elevation data are well and truly endless.

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