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Discovering the Deer Species of the United Kingdom

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Six species of wild deer reside in the United Kingdom, but how many are native to our shores? Only two species, roe deer and red deer, are considered truly native. Fallow deer are now a well-established part of the ecosystem, having been introduced during the 11th century.

Other species were introduced more recently, including sika deer, which are most commonly found in regions of Scotland. Reeves’ muntjac and Chinese water deer are smaller species also introduced within the last few hundred years, and are generally found in south, central and eastern England.

We created this informative map to demonstrate the similarities and differences in the distribution of the long established and recently introduced species of deer in a visually unique way.

Why it works

Nature isn’t constrained by neat boundaries with straight lines. Recognising that, the sightings data in these maps was transformed into generalised regions that represent areas where you would be most likely to spot a deer of each species. The result is a visually interesting interpretation of the data, which strikes that cartographic balance between art and science.

The map’s presentation draws inspiration from infographic-style posters and includes contextual information about the different deer species to help guide readers. Focus is maintained on the maps themselves using masking and framing to isolate the UK from nearby land masses and other elements in the layout.

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