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Examining the Pandemic’s Effect

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It is well known that the COVID-19 pandemic put a devastating strain on our health industry. The impacts were felt across society including education, with Ofqual estimating that pupils in England lost a third of learning time during the height of the pandemic.

We were inspired to explore whether the pandemic had an impact on the proportion of primary school students reaching the expected attainment levels in key academic areas. To understand this, we are comparing 2019 and 2022 academic years alongside the percentage of deprived households in each local authority to understand the most vulnerable areas.

Why it works

The bivariate mapping technique allows the relationship between two variables, attainment change and deprivation, to be understood. Using student population visualised with dot density to display the colour scheme overcomes the difficulty of balancing visual hierarchy in a choropleth map.

An interactive experience allows users to explore specific locations in more detail with the help of filters and different navigation views. The pop-ups have been configured to provide information relative to the national averages to provide further context.

You don’t have to worry about getting your laptop out to view the app, it’s been configured to work on both mobile phones and desktops.

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