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Gearing Up for the EV-Revolution

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About the map

It’s great to see more electric vehicles (EVs) out and about on our roads. However, long journeys by electric vehicle require a little more planning to ensure you don’t run out of power far from a charging point, which can sometimes be few and far between.

We wanted to see how EV-ready two of Britain’s longest and busiest A-roads are for the growing wave of EV ownership. So we calculated the highway distances between 24/7 public charging points along two key routes: Edinburgh to London (A1) and London to Cornwall (A30/A303).

Why it works

The map symbolises segments of each route according to the driving distance between public charge points located on or near (within 1km) the road.

Using a colour scheme inspired by traffic-lights, readers can quickly identify the stretches that are more (and less) EV-ready.

Paring each map down to the key elements provides a simple but effective method to communicate the map’s message. Similarly, small design touches—turning the legend into a battery and adding ‘glow’ to the line segments - help convey the map’s electric theme.

Important Steps




Tips and tricks

James Findlay, Graduate

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